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TURN a Huge Vision Into a Reality

Some people dream big (I am one of them).
Some people actually take action on their dreams (this is me too).
And some people do whatever it takes to turn their dreams into reality (yes!).
This last group of dreamers is the smallest. It takes courage, hustle, hard work, commitment, and it requires that for a long long time.
Today’s guest on The School of Greatness definitely makes the cut for this group.
Bryan Johnson started his first business in college when he was broke, desperate, and selling mobile phones door to door. He scaled it into a profitable company with several employees. But then his next two businesses were terrible failures.
And that’s when he found the inspiration for his mega-successful venture that he sold to PayPal for $800 million.
I loved talking with Bryan about his journey, the lessons he’s learned, how he created an incredible culture at his company, and where his sights are set next.
Make no mistake that this guy is brilliant and going places. But he also has a huge heart and has been focused on creating massive change in the world for a long time.