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The first party

I figured for my first proper blog maybe I should talk about the party that started it all, I realise I did not even properly introduce myself, I’m Bessie and I am an English girl who was living in France towards the end of 2016. I was in Marseille, which is a big city on the South coast of France. A girlfriend and I got invited to a party while having a few drinks at a bar. We didn’t have any concrete plans for the night so we decided to go. Turns out it was at an amazing mansion. We lucked into the most amazing night. 

The inspiration

The craziest night of my life, it also ended up being the inspiration for my future career, you see these days I am a party planner, party coordinator and it is amazing. People pay me to design and plan parties for them and it is great! It just so happens that the idea came to me that night. The location was amazing, it was just up from the beach had a brilliant view of the ocean. Honestly, I was in love instantly. It really was a magical evening.

Beautiful Fireworks

We were supplied with drinks all night, I may have had a few more than I should have. Lovely food, the fireworks, oh the fireworks. They were beautiful and we could see them perfectly from the balcony looking out over the beach. It was stunning. We met a bunch of really interesting people and they were all very lovely. For them to take us in for a night was great because we were sort of struggling for plans and we were worried that the night was going to be … uneventful. Turns out it was anything but, it was the best night of my life.

The night carried on and there was a band at the house, it was crazy how good they were. I had never been to something as extravagant as this event was, that’s what really lit the fuse for me. The difference between a good party and a GREAT party became painfully obvious. It made me pursue the party planning industry and it changed my life for the better. Now if I can throw a party that does that for someone, mission accomplished.