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Started Spring Planting Yet?

Main Garden

Are you ready to start planting your garden?  I was looking at my spring seed starting and planting guide today and realized that I am just 5 weeks from the average last 32F frost for my area!  That means that technically I should be able to plant spinach, kale, kohlrabi, potatoes, peas and other seeds already!  Woo! Hoo! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to get all of those cool season seeds in the ground and enjoy some early garden produce!  😀

South Garden

A look out my windows tells me that it will be a week… or two, or three, or… until I will be planting anything in my main garden yet this year.  There is probably a foot of snow still standing in my main garden, but the little garden I started on the south side of the garage last year is almost clean of snow.  That little space is my little ray of garden ‘hope’ for early spring planting. 🙂  It is still too wet, but maybe next week it will dry out enough to drop a few seeds.

So, planting outside is at least a week away at my house.  How about yours?

Happy Spring Gardening…?  🙂