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Introduction to Business

At first we all have to get known about the Market. Market is the place where all personalities like general public, Retailer, whole-seller and distributor meet together in any form to have their business run.
I am just going to share my marketing experience within all my friends and visitors.
This is very experiencing activities that my selling experience is being shared with everyone.

At First, Marketing begins with the exchange of goods and services in an Ancient Age. From an ancient age of marketing it has been developed as very significant topic all over the world.
This beginning has changed the entire world. The whole world has been changed due to the great impact of marketing. Marketing is the main aspect that the whole life all over the world depends.
As we take a small example, Marketing can be the greatest evolution, At First, Production of goods and services is done. The goods and services is produced by the Factory. Then These are supplied to the Exporter’s, Super Stockiest, Dealer, Sub dealer, Whole sellers, Retailers and finally it is got by the final consumers.
This is the small example of marketing. Marketing does not means about selling of goods and services, it is the entire study of all activities performed during the production of goods and services.
Advertising, Promotion of goods and services is also depends upon marketing.