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Gardening with Kids: Garden in a Glove

The kids and I joined the Northern Plains Botanical Garden Society for their Garden in a Glove With Kids event this afternoon.  What a great kids event & kid friendly garden learning opportunity!  (Thank you to Gail for sharing her knowledge, time & afternoon with us.)  I love the idea of creating a mini-green house with a plastic glove so that all the sprouting and growing is visible to young inquisitive minds! 🙂

I love the idea and simplicity so much that I decided to share it with you so you can inspire the future gardeners in your home.

plastic gloves (kind used by food servers; nothing fancy)
permanent marker
5 cotton balls
5 seeds (5 different varieties is optimal but 5 of the same variety would work)
bread bag twist tie

How To:

1.  Write the names of each variety of seed on each finger.
2.  Moisten the cotton balls so they are just wet.
3.  Place seeds on the cotton ball.  (Choose the number of seeds based on the size of the seeds.  For example, a bean probably only needs one seed while carrots several.)
4.  Slide the seed and cotton ball into the labeled finger.  Do this for each variety.
5.  Gently blow air into the glove and twist to seal in the air.  Wrap a twist bread bag tie around the end to keep it closed.
6.  Place or hang the glove in a warm window and watch what happens.
7.  Once the seeds have sprouted, you can cut off each fingertip and plant the cotton ball and new seedling in soil for further garden/plant learning.

Consider including a few great book to read with your activity and make it a great science lesson. 🙂  Some great gardening books we have read are:
“Zinnia’s Flower Garden” by M Wellington
“Jack’s Garden” by H Cole
“From Seed to Plant” by Gail Gibbons
“The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds: A Book about How Things Grow” by Joanna Cole

I truly believe that memories are made when hands are involved and I love when we are making garden memories whether it is using the garden to learn, do a craft or harvest together.  Take time to share your love for gardening with the young people in your life!  For other kid friendly, education friendly ideas check some of my other posts here.

Happy Garden Learning!!! 😀

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